About Us

We have been working in product development and sourcing factories all over the world for the last 25 years.
My wife has always been a member of a gym and has always enjoyed Yoga and Pilates. 
I was always too lazy and too busy working. 

In 2016 we moved to North Devon, and I scaled down on work.
My wife said I should get into Yoga and pilates, which I did and found it to be a great benefit and enjoyed doing it.
I have now been going four times a week for over two years, and I’m a different man when it comes to fitness.

So how did the yoga mat's come around?

My wife wanted to buy a good quality yoga mat, fed up with the flimsy foam mats that move around all over the place.
She eventually found a good mat, but the price was very high.

I decided to put to use my 25 years of experience in sourcing products, dealing with factories and quality control to good use.

The goal
To create a world class yoga mat range.
Choose an ethical factory who can produce high quality at the right price.
Use a Bio-degradable natural rubber and natural cork.

Offer excellent customer service!

Palm to Soul yoga
I have to admit this was my wife's idea, great brand name.

Listen and learn
It has taken two years to develop the range of yoga mats.

We have worked with some fantastic yoga and pilates instructors who have helped us to develop the yoga mats, thanks guys!
Peoples requirements vary, so we decided to come up with a range of yoga/pilates mats to suit all, as well as a variety of accessories.